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tv   9 News Now Saturday at 6pm  CBS  February 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the -- if you're scrambling all day long it can wear you out. jim: perez. he's going to be one under for the day. david feherty was out there with him most of the way. how would you characterize his day? david: he played really beautifully. didn't make a whole lot. with a four-putt and a three-putt on the front side you have to look at him as one of the favorites for tomorrow. jim: and all of that and still shooting 70. one under today. jimmy walker. nick: this is why it's so difficult. it's so steep when you stab it. jim: may lose his turn. it's going to be outside of mickelson, i believe. nick: better long than short. jim: yeah, you want the uphill
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comeback. i've been watching jimmy's game. he's become much more of a solid presence out here over these last two years. had some high finishes and getting more and more comfortable being a guy in the mix on the weekend. only has a tie for eighth this year as the farmer's insurance open. tied for ninth last week as the at&t pebble beam -- beach pro-am. so a couple of top 10s and he's in the position to do that again. it really is quite a sight down there, isn't it, david, with the gallery looking down at you? david: one of the great finishing holes in golf, just
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this natural amphitheater. the silence is deafening. nick: the toughest thing is the pace. good commitment, good solid stroke. it's fractionally uphill. jim: and a good par. nick: phil actually spent a little bit of extra time on the putting green earlier before the round so he's going to have to give it 100% attention. jim: gary mccord said it earlier, just as someone watching him, you used to stress watching phil over this length of putt, but the last two weeks, it looks like the old phil again.
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this for a share of the lead through three rounds. nick: solid, just above right edge. jim: there you go. he'll be in the last group tomorrow. a round of 70. he'll be trying to win at rivera for a third time tomorrow. going for back-to-back victories. after pebble beach a week ago. we'll see you at 3:00 eastern time. jim nantz, nick faldo. lance barrow, steve mil zprvings all the crew. we'll see you from the final we'll see you from the final round tomorrow on cbs.
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hello, i'm bruce johnson. the most significant winter storm of the season now headed this way and that storm track has shifted northward, closer to d.c. let's go outside right now to annie on the weather terrace. annie, does that mean we'll see some white stuff? >> yes, bruce. it looks like we'll see this happening. we declared sunday a severe weather alert day. let's talk about it. tonight your plans will be just fine. here's a look at the winter weather advisories and watches. basically southwest of town where you see the areas in yellow, that includes culpepper, orange, laray, shenandoah county, cullpepper county. this is a winter weather watch in effect starting tomorrow morning going through late tomorrow night. the impact will be tomorrow. tonight keep your plans. the snow track is trending a
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little farther north, closer to us. the bulls eye is along interstate 81 and interstate 64, really roanoke, virginia getting five to eight inches of snow. that is a bull's eye. no problems go to and from church early sunday morning. here's a look at how much snow we could be getling by late -- getting by late tomorrow night. this model here, i want to mention, tends to be more aggressive with snow. around d.c. one to three inches. the farther south and west you go, the more you see. north of d.c. not as much snow, maybe two inches in gaithersburg but close to the mason dixon line an inch or even less. this is through tomorrow late night. here's a look at the satellite and radar conditions where right now things are quiet. in fact, today's highs in the upper 50s, close to 60 degrees, lots of sunshine. but you look to the southwest of us, we've got a very big area of low pressure holding a lot of moisture, very juicy air
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coming in, slowly to us. we'll see increasing clouds overnight through tomorrow and we'll also tap into some of the cold air we have in place. when you mix in the moisture coming in from the southwest and that cold air, the air is cold enough to support some snow for tomorrow. but tonight, again, no problems. if you want to head out, go out for dinner, temperatures in the mid-50s right now at this hour. 54 in gaitsburg, also 50 in hagerstown. so for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy and cold, lows in the 30s. we'll time out this system and let you know the critical hours and when you may see some slick roads. bruce, back to you. >> annie, thanks a lot. in a rare saturday session, both sides rested and delivered closing arguments in the uva la crosse murder trial. bruce lashan live in charlottesville, virginia. tell us what prosecutors and defense attorneys had to say in their closings. bruce. reporter: hey, bruce. huguely's lawyer, fran lawrence is delivering kind of a
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rambling disjointed closing argument in the courthouse right now. he said huguely is what you get. he's a boy athlete, not stealthful, not calculating, just stupid drunk. whatever he did, he never meant to kill yeardley. huguely's lawyers ended their expert witnesses with a chevy chase neurosurgeon who told jurors this wasn't even murder. >> oxygen deprivation. reporter: she suffocated. >> that's all i can say. reporter: not blunt force trauma? that's all i can tell you. reporter: prosecutor dave chapman came back with a ferocious and empassioned closing argument. he was crying to jurors as he described the terror yeardley love must have felt when her sometimes boyfriend broke through her door. yeardley told police she was freaking out. you bet she was freaking out chapman told jurors, freaking out at what had come through
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her door, first his foot and then him. it was over quickly, chapman said. yeardley could not even scream because his hand was over her mouth, his forearm around her neck. he was mashing her face into the floor. chapman described huguely as a typical domestic abuser, all about power and control, robbing yeardley love of her computer to cut off her communication. she's not here to tell you what happened, he said, sobbing, but the evidence clearly shows he killed her while robbing her. first-degree felony murder. let me give you a little bit more of a taste of the defense closing argument from just a few minutes ago. george said fran lawrence contributed to yeardley love's death, but no, he did not kill her, he killed her, he didn't kill her, hard to make sense of that, he left there with her alive. there was no intentional
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killing because she wasn't dead when he left there. we're going to be listening to all of this. we'll let you know the latest, whether the jury sticks around, deliberates tonight. bruce, we'll have an update at 11:00. back to you. >> thank you very much, bruce lashan reporting from charlottesville. the late whitney houston got a rousing sendoff in the newark, new jersey church where it all began for the singing star. the funeral lasted nearly four hours in the tribute of singing and preaching. manuel giagus was there. reporter: in the church where she sang as a teenager, some of the biggest names in entertainment remembered whitney houston with music. reporter: prayer: >> if you love god, clap for jesus if you love god. reporter: and words from those who helped her become a star. >> you wait for a voice like that for a lifetime. whitney, if you can hear me now, i would tell you you weren't just good enough, you
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were great. >> and and it's a long, long way to heaven . reporter: alish a keyes said houston was an inspiration to young artists. >> she made us feel, like, strong and capable. reporter: houston's cousin, dionne warwick presided over the ceremony in the packed new hope baptist church. >> i wish you sunshine on tomorrow. reporter: blocks away from the church a few dozen houston fans gathered behind police barricades just trying to get as close to the service as they could. >> these are public streets, we should be able to walk down these streets freeley. reporter: local residents were frustrated they were kept so far away. some fans traveled here from other states. >> i want to feel like i'm a part of it and i'm six blocks away. it doesn't make any sense. reporter: but they made the best of it, watching it online. reporter: and celebrating
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houston's music out in the streets. so good-bye reporter: and those who knew her celebrated her life. manuel giagus, cbs news, new jersey. >> as you just saw, the funeral ended with whitney houston's casket being taken out of the church as her hit song "i will always love you" played. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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hundreds of people enjoying the beautiful saturday morning in georgetown found themselves in the middle of a gristly investigation today. hermando truel has that story. [ sirens ] reporter: d.c. police and first responders swarmed the back of thompson's boat house. for someone enjoying the unusually pleasant winter morning came across the unpleasant and unusual sight of a body half submerged in the water. >> rescue squads and the divers
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looking along the canal and they were down here. reporter: friday night a report of a person in the water near the boat house sent police on a search that came up short. saturday morning the body washed up across from the swedish embassy. now, even as rescue divers got on the zodiac right behind me and got ready to retrieve the body on the other side, detectives started the painstaking task of clearing the scene. it's unclear what evidence was collected on that scene or the body. many tourists and visitors such as these students from the yorktown club got caught up in a csi investigation that closed a portion of the waterfront and boardwalk. >> they said let's not tell the kids. eventually everybody sort of knew. it was a distraction we didn't need, too many people trying to figure out what's going on over there. it's sad to see a dead body on the side of the canal behind the boat house. reporter: the body has been transported to the medical
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examiner's office to determine a cause of death. in georgetown,ar mando, truel, 9 news now. former prince george's county executive jack johnson is in federal prison tonight in north carolina. we checked, jack johnson had reported to the buttner prison near raleigh-durham by his 12:00 deadline today. he'll be assigned to the prison camp facility, probably sleep in the dorm, getting a work assignment probably earning 40 cents an hour. he he was the top prosecutor for prince george's county county. he was convicted of taking kickbacks. the prison is also home to bernie madoff. he's serving a life sentence for defrauding investors of millions of dollars. johnson's wife, leslie reports next month to alderson prison in virginia. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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our weather team has declared tomorrow a severe weather alert day. some bad stuff coming our way. >> yeah. i think tomorrow night once the snow falls and the sun goes down, temperatures cool off, we could see slick roads out there. let's take a look at our michael and son weather camera where we are looking at partly cloudy conditions.
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pretty nice day. right now mild, 55, mostly cloudy conditions but clouds are coming in ahead of the storm. a winter storm watch in effect starting tomorrow morning through late tomorrow night southwest of town. you can see these areas shaded in yellow. this includes shenandoah, grant, culpepper county, orange, again, through tomorrow. in these locations five inches or more possible by tomorrow around midnight. where's all this coming from? here's a look at the national picture. it's right here in the gulf. a big storm system, a lot of moisture also producing some severe weather in new orleans, mobile, we're talking about some severe thunderstorm warnings, tornadoes also. so we've got a juicy system coming up through tomorrow and also the cold air to support the potential for some snow starting in the afternoon. so get ready for the snow. now, tonight, though, no problems. dry with increasing clouds. no worries through tomorrow morning. so go run your errands tomorrow morning, go to church if you want. now, the afternoon we'll start to see the snow developing.
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the critical time right now will be 3:00 p.m. until midnight. so here's a look at the futurecast. again, tonight know problems, cloudy conditions, temperatures will cool down into the 30s. tomorrow morning, again, just cloudy skies, no problems with the precipitation. in the afternoon, the farther south you are of town, the better chance that you'll see the snow, some of the rain changing to snow, including southern maryland also and may also track up to around the d.c. area. this model here thinks it will be farther south. the model still having a hard time dealing with this system. so how much snow could we get? well, this is a little bit more of an aggressive model. in d.c. up to three inches potentially, generally one to three inches around the d.c. area. you go farther north, not a whole lot, maybe an inch or maybe nothing up towards hagerstown and the mason dixon line. points south of d.c., that's where we'll see more amounts, we're talking three to four inches in southern maryland, you go southwest and into the appalachians, that's where we
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could see several inches of snow for tomorrow night. for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy and cold, lows in the lower 30s. tomorrow a severe weather alert day, breezy and colder, you will need your coat and the snow bootses for the kids. highs will be in the low 40s. temperatures will be falling in the afternoon. here's a look at your next seven days. this is just for tomorrow, but for president's day, we'll be milder back into the lower 50s, so good news for the travelers who are heading back home after your three-day vacation. and tuesday and wednesday we're looking at some milder conditions. look at thursday, highs around 60 degrees. >> wow! >> tomorrow night, though, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 may see some snow accumulating, may see some slick roads out there. be careful tomorrow night especially. >> you've got a big game down in charlottesville. he already set me up with this. virginia should win, they're nationally ranked. >> we'll see. it was a battle between two of the top three scorers in the
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conference today. stouffer john gotti, jr. his early, scott got his late. and with a wild ending in blacksburg, here's a hint, two shots in the last three seconds. it was great. caps feeling great about this road trip next in sports. people! look at you!
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we won't stop. 20 points in the first four minutes of this thing. second half, watch scott. he takes weiss down into the kitchen. he had 25 points seven rebounds. cavs go on a 16-0 run in the second half. stogland didn't score in the second half. that's bad news. virginia rolling 71-44. >> it's a bounce back came for us. we had to get our passion and energy back, not like in the last few games. it was a big game. >> virginia ranked. some people don't even know that. think back to new year's eve if you can, georgetown was just starting to gain some traction in the season and then providence came to town. this was going to be easy, right? nope, it wasn't. the fryers were within a point with a little under five minutes to play. here's my point, georgetown had better be ready to play tonight when they go to the dunkin donuts place. it's loud and a hard place to
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win. a win over the hoyas will make the providence season. the coach says we are focusing on this game and that's exactly what they're saying before this game. >> that's just a process, you know, trying to figure out what we can do better and what do we do well, what are they going to try to take away? what's going on probably comes into play for second game. >> let's move on to the -- the picture reminds me of "seinfeld." cornelius one of those seniors, patriots up didges in this game. second half things kind of turned around. sharod wright, puts your thing down, reverse it and flip it. george mason hanging on 75-71. george washington trying to win it, second straight beautiful day outside. let's go inside. langeston galloway of st. joseph says i love it inside.
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st. joe up big and they hold on 73-66 against george washington this afternoon. blackout day in blacksburg. it's for cancer awareness. overtime. this is george tech's udoppia, smallest guy on the court. gets it to go. tech up. three seconds to go, hudson game winner, virginia tech wins it 74-73. so some great basketball action. let's turn to hockey. the caps do eventually make the playoffs. last night might be a date we look back on and say this is where the post-season push began. four points behind, first place florida. washington went to the panther's house last night and got a huge, large win thanks to the law firm of alex and alex. ovechkin and simmons. ovechkin got his 24th of the season and simmons netted his 16th. it was a rare night when the caps actually outshot the opponent. brooks before this road trip said this trip might make or
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break the season and the team played like it. >> we feel great right now. it was a great huge game for both teams. i think those guys responded a lot. and this time of year, we can make mistakes, we can give the team a chance to get a lead. >> and the caps playing tonight. we'll have highlights of that one. are we going to be slippin' and slidin' tomorrow? >> tomorrow night be careful for sure. updates at 11:00. thanks for watching.
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